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Data Recovery

One of the most satisfying parts of this business so far has been when we have been able to recover data from hard disk drives where the owners were certain that all of their data had been lost.  In one case we recovered over 25,000 digital photos from a failed hard drive for a very grateful family.

Over 60% of disk failures and data loss are due to bad sectors on the surface of the disk drive caused by an incorrectly magnetised surface. This can cause difficulty reading and copying data from the disk, the operating system may become unstable or the system may not be able to boot up at all.

When this occurs we can run a utility on the hard disk drive which remagnetises the disk surface without losing any data. In many cases we recover all of the data, or at least the vast majority of it.  Unfortunately there are no guarantees with this service but we have a very good success rate so far.

As well as physical errors with a disk drive, sometimes people accidentally delete files and empty the recycle bin before they realise that they need the files back.  In this case we can also recover the files using a file recovery utility.

If you have experienced any type of data loss and you arenít sure what to do, please give us a call to discuss the options available.  The sooner that you call and get us to look at the problem, the better the chance of recovering your data.