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Backup Solutions

FACT: All computer hard disk drives will eventually fail, so backing up your data is critical.

If you consider for a moment that a computer hard drive consists of a magnetised platter, a little bit like a CD, that is spinning around up to 120 times every second, and an actuator arm with a head that is constantly moving back and forth to read the data that is stored on the disc, then it should be no surprise that eventually one of these mechanical components will fail and your data will be lost.

Whether you operate a business and need to ensure that your critical databases and accounting files are being backed up, or whether you are an individual with precious digital photos and important tax documents, The Techo will evaluate your individual need and set up the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective backup solution for you.

Please call on 0413 024 602 or email to arrange a visit to your home or business to get your data backed up before it is too late.